Friday, 16 September 2011

Sorry that I haven't been posting D:

I've been busy with school ;D
Anyway, please vote dancaholic98 for MSW, under the Ireland country. I really want her to win ;D
Or vote for *puppyluver101* :)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Suite Patrol-ashleesoul

Hellooo Dolls Am Doing A New Thing Called 'Suite-Patrol' This Suite And Medoll I Picked This Week Is...............ashleesoul! I LOVE Her Suite And Medoll I Was Actually Speechless Her Suite Is So Creative And Her OutFit Is Beautiful! (Click To Enlarge Photos) What Do You Guys Think I Personally Think That Could Win Miss Stardoll World Really I Do! Click Here To Visit Her Suite See For Yourself's! Bye For Now Girlies! xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hotbuys Leblon Skirt (I Know Its Already Out)

Hello Dolls I Know This Hbs Skirt Is Already Out But I Found The Real Live Version By H&M! I'am Trying To Copy It Becuase I LOVEE The Real Live Version I Really Want The Starpoint Straight Hair Anyone Know How Many Starpoints You Need And Any Ideas How To Get More Starpoints? Thats All For Now! ~Aoife xx

Hmm, this is strange!

Hmmmm this seems to be strange, when I was on my way to a party, I clicked Clubs&Friends and this came up:
Sooo, we should be expecting a change to the clubs... I wonder what they're doing... Im so bored now because I cant party D:
Does anyone know whats up?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hey everyone!! My new blog!

Hi guys! So, as youmay know, I deleted my blog :/ Because it was not very succsesful ... BUT I made a new one :) The link for it is Watcha think? Atm it is a bit akward as it is only new :/ But not to worry ! As soon as I get a few writers and followers Im sure it'll be grand :) So, tell me wat you think and if you want, you could become writer :) :O

Monday, 5 September 2011


this seems fun^!
This guy is never gonna do bad in science, he has the periodic table of elements of his arm!

God help her!^

Aren't these tatoos so weird???

Sunday, 4 September 2011

I was supposed to forgive you

O.k., so could we re-cap over the story? Amber and Marta insisted that I copied them, I did "copy" Amber but not Marta. Then, I was FORCED to say sorry. So we weren't fighting and the next day I admitted to copying Amber, but not Marta and I decided to give Marta a taste of her own medicine (if you know what I mean...) And then Marta was telling me to leave her alone, and once again, I was FORCED to say sorry, but still she didn't forgive me and then, she said sorry and logged off before I could say anything. What next?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hello Again.....

I Might Stay Its Just That Theres A Bit Of A Famliy Crisis At Home Niamh & Marta Are Fighting I Got Punched :/ Well Thats Life Huh? byeeeeeee guys P.S I Might Do A Post On School Outfits Or Make Up I dunno xxx

Hey Guy's :/

Hey Guy's.....:/ Am Sick At The Moment And....Marta & Niamh Are Still Fighting I Am No Longer Getting Involved So Am Leaving Alex's Blog Temporarily Untill The Fighting Dies Down... Well Um Bye Guys ~Aoife xx

So I've given up.

Look, Marta won't forgive me, so I give up. All I know is that I didn't copy you. And if you insist that I copied you, your not a very good friend, are you? And I know I'm not the best friend either, but at least I forgive my friends if they do something wrong and we start again. But I guess that won't happen between us. :/ But anyway, changing the subject, I have an obsetion with the song "Jar Of Hearts" by Christina Perri. It is such a good song, and it says a lot! Listen to it here:
Does anyone know if she's doing a cover? Please tell me if you do.. xx Thanks for reading- Piggy xx
Please, I am honestly telling the truth! I copied Amber but NOT Marta. Im sorry for upsetting you but you needed a taste of your own medicine. That's how I felt. And I just wanted you to know that I was just as upset as you are. So sorry everyone.

My first ever hair graphic.

Hi It's Alex, I was reaaaaaaaalllllyy bored on stardoll, So i made my VERY FIRST Hair Graphic <- AAAAAAAHHHHH! Please tell me what you think.
This is it on my medoll!

And this is if you wanna use it. I don't really care abut the credit but it would be nice if someone gave me credit, And the link to the image that they used it for :)


, Alex

Friday, 2 September 2011

Free Funky Bookshelf!

If you are from the UK log into stardoll and click HERE.
If you are from anywhere else you will need to use a proxy, go to or or or or

Paste this into the proxy url bar:

Hit enter and log into stardoll. Close the proxy. The shelves should be in a Random House bag in your suite.


Hello all! Sooo, I gave Alex a complete makeover!!! This, is her outfit watcha think Alex???
And this is Makeup/jewlery Hope you like it Alex!!
If you want it you can do it yourself or I can do it :)) xx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

My necklace :D

Do you like it? It looks better from far away :L
Post your thoughts in a comment if you want :D
P.s, please vote me for MSW! My username is xxangelpieeexx. If you ask, I'll vote you back :D

New hotbuy!

New Hotbuy!

Hey everyone! Today it's the 1st of September and what does that mean? A NEW HOTBUY !!! Yaya! xD Here it is:

Hmm... I Actually Kind of Like them. I Think i would rate them a 7/10 :)

Look they make your medoll look EVEN better! :

Marta xx

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Innocent Smoothies For Kid's Store Coming Soon!

Hellooo Doll's! There An Innocent Smoothies For Kid's Store Coming On Stardoll I'll Update You When The Store Comes I Actually Love These Smoothie's In Real There So Nice :D Lol Bye Doll's! Credit To Underneath
Pretty Pwease?
I really wanna win because I wanna show all of those royals and superstars that my suite it worth visiting! Im underestimated as a non-superstar! All non-superstars are! Tell me if you agree. I do think I have what it takes, so pwease?
-Piggy, your desperate co-owner

Please vote me for MSW :3

Please vote for me :D
I'll vote back if you ask.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Free Blue Hair Colour!

Hey Dolls Heres How You Get Some Blue Hair Dye! Just Click On This Link:
Hey guys (Again) so, you may know that me and Marta are in a fight but not to worry because im also happy :)) xxx Im the new co-owner!!! And I cant wait to get started, this promotion means a lot cuz I love this blog!! Anyway, will be seeing you on the web! xx BYE! Thanks alex xxx
Roanna56! Please stop acusing me of copying your luck, it was a total coinsidence! And your bullying me now and im practically crying here! Leave me alone because that look is 100% ME! So if you say sorry, Ill forgive you, BECAUSE IM NOT COPYING YOU!!!!

Monday, 29 August 2011



Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hi again! i just had to post again today besause I finished the artificial girl with a fake arm and hair! Im really proud although it looks crap, I suppose now Im on step 2 :D It was really hard and it took me over an hour but, I think it was worth it :)) PLEASE tel me what you think? Thanks so so much! xx And rate out of 5, but remeber, this is my first time doing this sort of thing!
Thanks a mill!

Mortal Kiss Nail Polish!

Hey Everyone Stardoll Have Released A Mortal Kiss Inspired Nail Polish I Would Upload Picture's But Blogger Are't Letting Me Upload The Pictures Sorry About That Aoife~x

2 things, YAY!

Hi everyone! For my daily post today, I want to say 2 things :)) 1st thing I put artaficial hair on my medoll for the first time :)))) I actually think its quite pretty :DD Thanks to Alex for helping me with it :) THANKS ALEX!!! Im really proud of this, since its my first time, and I know it may look really bad to you, but im only on step one. Hope y'all like it :) (I am not using this for anything as it is unfinished)

2nd thing! Room/doll of the week!!! This week I was judging by Happyness and the deffinite winner for that was Roanna56/ Marta!!! I really like this outfit and the make-up and accsesorise make it look really really cool! I love the peircing and I love how she made the beauty marks into a face tatoo and a pretty smile :)) Great suite also! I would give 5/5 defifitly for Marta!
Next week I am judging by weirdness! Hope you enjoyed my artificial haired girl and Martas outfit! Seeya tomorrow! BYE!!
-piggy x


Ok, So we've got 9 followers and that hasn't moved up in days!!. So the person who is the MOST active on the blog , gets more than 10 - 15 followers will help me run the blog by being co-owner :)


Here's a tutorial on how to make blinking images :) I you'd like to see mine blinking click here  That's of course if it doesn't blink on blogger, if it doesn't let me know in the comments and i'll figure something out :)